About Us

Hi, Suzanne here.  My husband, Mike and I love to work with wool felt, creating florals, botanicals and, of course, Stone Softies.  We are both employed in the Environmental Sciences in "real life".  Working and creating together helps us find a good balance between our right and left brains and keeps sanity (mostly) intact around here!

How in the world did this all get started?  Well, it was just before Christmas 2014, when I casually mentioned to Mike that I had found an Etsy shop offering felt flower bouquets that you could build "by-the-stem". Since I never need or want anything for Christmas, this idea really appealed to me - buy a stem or two for Christmas, add a couple for each birthday and anniversary, over time building a wonderful felt bouquet. Plus, no more asking me what I want for gifts - for years!

I loved the idea of how sheets of wool felt could become such intricate and life-like designs. But, instead of ordering me a couple of stems from the Etsy shop, Mike ordered materials and (secretly) set out to create a simply magnificent felt flower bouquet which literally left me speechless on Christmas morning. I had no idea he had it in him! From then on, we worked together to perfect our craft.  After three years of creating for friends and family, we decided to launch Eleanor Rosa Felt in 2017. The response has been overwhelming and wonderful. As we work and learn more about the medium, we are finding that there are absolutely endless opportunities for creativity, so we will never get bored of felt! We are so thrilled to have launched this creative business and continue to be so encouraged by all of our successes.

Studio Snapshots